Bamboo marquee towards Villars les Dombes

Bamboo reception marquees in Villars-les-Dombes

Bamboo Marquee

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Bamboo reception tent rental in Monthieux, Villars-les-Dombes.

At Alliance Chapiteaux, each installation is a new challenge. Whether the event that is confirmed to us, whether private or professional, whether it is an event bringing together a large audience, or a more targeted event (business seminar), your total satisfaction is our only goal.

To obtain these results on a recurring basis, we rely on a wide range of reception tents and bamboo marquees, lighting and accessories of all kinds for rental throughout France but also in neighboring countries.

The “Bamboo” marquee is a specificity within our company because we design them from A to Z, as well as the “nomad” tents also with mature bamboo.

Rental and set up of Bamboo Marquee to Villars-les-Dombes

The installation carried out on the occasion of a wedding, at the Golf du Gouverneur in Monthieux in the Dombes (department of Ain), is a concrete example of the achievements made with the desire to give as perfect a result as possible.

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Installation of the Bamboo marquee in Ain in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

On this occasion, a Bamboo marquee , 15 m wide by 25 m long, or 375 m2, was installed. This marquee has 32 peripheral bamboo poles with a minimum diameter of 800mm with 3 central poles reaching 7.20m in height. These masts are offered with a bamboo crown height of the main cane with its diameter from 120 to 1600mm in diameter.

Bamboo tent rental with its “champagne” canvas

Our interlining with a unique double bending of the canvas in France refines the silhouette of our bamboo tent offered for rental. Our interlining designed by saddlers and boat sail manufacturers is made with a champagne color.

Bamboo tent floor rental in Villars-les-Dombes

Beforehand, a self-supporting floor, of the same dimension (15x25m), was laid

on which the bamboo tent was raised. Our double tablecloth for rent, has a double transverse metal frame. This foundation imposes wedging points every 1.25m2, i.e. more than 450 load times. A most meticulous job which requires an upgrade of our most efficient framework. The use of cord, plumb line, level and even leveling laser are very often implemented on our services.

Bamboo marquee lighting

Exotic atmosphere bamboo tent

If bamboo is already a decoration by itself and gives this exotic aspect, the lighting, it brings the final touch. For our newlyweds, Marie & Mathieu, our service was extended with a few hundred and twenty linear meters (125m) of "guinguettes" garlands type IP65 warm color with lacquered bulbs bringing a final touch. Our RGWA color led projectors, for rental, were used to enhance our central masts and allow for a more "boho chic" atmosphere.

Rent bamboo marquee

Bamboo tent furniture rental

250 chairs from our Provence, range, wooden rental chairs with a crossed back and a rattan seat (cross back), dressed this atmosphere. Our lovely solid wood tables accompanied by our lanterns equipped with LED candles participated in this decor.

The satisfaction of our customers today, and more broadly of all their guests, was the goal and therefore achieved.

For several years, we have been offering our rental know-how with our traditional or exotic reception tents. Our experience has now extended to decoration.

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