Rental Bamboo Marquee

Rent from
16,50 € HT/M²


Why rent a Bamboo Marquee:

  • Exceptional product
  • Robust and reliable
  • Vast volume
  • Natural and eco-friendly
  • Guinguette and country-style spirit
  • Possibility of closing the tent: curtains fixed or sliding or removable
  • Can store more than 150 people


The rental of the Bamboo Marquee includes:

Strength and nature with environmental respect.

A new era is reaching the eventful market, the Bamboo Marquee ; it is an exceptional product, who happens to be robust and reliable and convenient for any reception starting by 150 people. Made from eco-friendly material, it gives a guinguette and country-style spirit to your receptions.

Eco-friendly Marquee

The Bamboo -which is a plant and not a tree– comes from Asian and South American forests; the interlining of the « champagne » colours – which are 100 % recyclable- harmonise perfectly with the mats and poles entirely made in bamboo and lets in natural daylight; Nighttime, the lights set up offer a soft and magical luminescence.

The tents that make out of the ordinary receptions

The Bamboo Marquee is our « trendy »  product who stands out of our catalog with its originality, its natural robustness  and its refined canvas.


The canvases are made by saddlers who take inspiration from sea sails.

“Champagne” or transparent coloured, the interlinings can, for your comfort, completely close your marquee. This is undeniably the ultimate in stretch architecture for all types of private or corporate functions.

Technical information

Bamboo diametre
80 to 160 mm 3.1” to 6.2”
Wind resistance
100 km/h
15 m
225 à 525 m2
Lateral height
2,45 m
Ridge Height
7,20 m
Modular in length
5,00 m
Fire classification M2, watertight, anti-UV
Technical drawings
Technical drawings
 Sample plan
 Sample plan
 Accommodation capacity

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