Rental Terrasse

Rent from
16,80 € TTC/m2


Why rent a Tent Terrasse:

Cosy ambience

Bambou balustrade

Wood flooring (fir or spruce)

Carpet (sisal, grass, colour)

Adaptable to all our structures


The rental of the Tent Terrasse includes:

The wooden terrasse offers additional space for the comfort of your guests

The terrasse can suit all types of parties, all types of reception.

Our spruce or fir wood terrace is surrounded by 5m long bamboo railings with a diameter of 100mm which gives the whole a rural and ecological effect.

Even the elevation of important land can be adjusted to ensure you a perfectly flat ground.


If you wish, we can dress the floor of your terrace with a traditional carpet type covering, imitation grass, or even our sisal in seagrass (coconut carpet).

Our lanterns placed on the ground or on the balustrade posts will finish off the decoration.

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