Rental Temporary Building


Why rent a Temporary Building:

– M.T.S regulations (Marquees, Tents and Structures
– NV 1965 (Snow, Wind),
– Fire retardant M2 (interling)
– IFire retardant M2 (interling),
– Fire retardant M4 (flooring),
– E.O.P (Establishment Open to the public)


The rental of the Temporary Building includes:

Record Time
Thanks to our responsiveness, you will have in record time a temporary industrial marquee or a permanent industrial building for your new needs, or increase your production capacity.

In addition to our advantages of traditional construction, you can freely adjust existing surfaces by adding or removing spans, dismantling the marquee or building and reassembling it on another site.
The Alliance Chapiteaux range includes a wide choice of modular industrial and sports buildings for permanent use. They are designed to perfectly meet all needs in terms of storage capacity, production, sales, covers for sports activities, etc.

Alliance Chapiteaux’s storage tents combine comfort and safety, as well as compliance with the recommendations of sports federations. They are sized by the engineers of our suppliers to comply with C.T.S and Snow and Wind (NV 65) standards in force in your region and Eurocodes.

We offer rental of storage tents in Lyon but also throughout the Rhône-Alpes region.

Our sales team will help you establish your specifications for all your modular buildings and will suggest the building best suited to your project, whether it is an industrial building or a storage building (removable and metal hangars), a sports building. , a tennis court cover, a multi-purpose building or a sports hall.

Industrial marquee, storage hall, warehouse, industrial building offered by the company Alliance Chapiteaux brings you a quick, flexible and tailor-made solution for sale and rental.