Rental Nomad Tent

Rent from
19 € TTC/M²


Why rent a Nomad Tent:

  • Inspired by Nomad tribes.
  • Flexible et entièrement modulable
  • Cosy ambiance.
  • Aesthetics, champagne color highlighting the natural color of bamboo.
  • Guinguette and country-style spirit.
  • Ideal for any type of reception: Wedding, ceremonies, inauguration, corporate event.
  • Possibility of closing the tent: fixed or sliding curtains.
  • Can store more than 80 people


The rental of the Nomad Tent includes:

Strength and nature with environmental respect.
The clean curves and the “sand dune” effect make our Nomad tent the most surprising of the strained architectures;Its new design gives a certain prestige to any reception that is private (wedding, batpème, secular ceremony, …) or corporate (seminar, inauguration, …)

The stretch tent, a new freshness for your events
This Tent, in case of bad weather, will protect you thanks to the installation of peripheral curtains; These can be full or transparent, triangular or rectangular, depending on the type of installation; all configurations are possible.

Our stretch tent, not in stretch, but in completely waterproof PVC and can be installed in different ways by varying shapes. We can offer, on the day of the event, to lower some parts of the roof; The design of this product has been carefully studied to meet your expectations.

Professionals of metallic textiles, as well as products in bamboo textile and wood, we will

Technical information

Bamboo diametre
80 to 160 mm3.1” to 6.2”
Wind resistance
100 km/h
8 and 10 m
80 à 400 m2
Lateral height
2,45 m
Ridge Height
4,00 m
Modular in length
5,00 m
Fire classification M2, watertight, anti-UV
Technical drawings
Technical drawings
Sample plan
Sample plan
 Accommodation capacity