Rental Festivities tent

Rent from
14 € HT/M²


Why rent a Festivities Tent:

Generally, our reception tents are used for sporting events (refreshments), communities (ticket office, markets, etc.) and fairs. However, the festive tents are rented for catering offices


The rental of the Festivities Tent includes:

We can offer you, for all your receptions, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, a full range of festive tents.

We provide you with dimensions, such as 3 x 4 m – 5 x 8m, 5 x 12m – 5 x 5m -, 5 x 16 m, 5 x 20 m…

French-made, they are designed to be installed quickly by our teams.

In addition, we will also offer you floor, lighting, etc.

Do not hesitate to tell us about your project, we will advise you.

Technical information

Tubular steel
diam. : 40 x 2 mm
Wind resistance
100 km/h
3 et 5,00 m
12 à 128 m2
Side height
2,00 m
Ridge height (high point)
2,87 à 3,72 m
Modular in lengh
4,00 m
Fire classification M2, watertight, anti-UV
Technical drawings
Technical drawings
Technical drawings