Rental Thermal-inflatable Membrane


Why rent a Thermal-inflatable Membrane:

Limited condensation

Reduced fessing (haze effect)

High-performance thermal insulation

Improved sound insulation

Improved rigidity of the building



The rental of the Thermal-inflatable Membrane includes:

Inflatable roof tarpaulin for events and industry

When a single roof and gable membrane is not enough or the tent needs to be insulated, the thermo-inflatable membrane is always a good solution.

The double roof and gable membrane act as thermal insulation. Condensation on the underside of the roof cover is prevented by an air cushion inside the cover, maintained at constant pressure by a pressure switch. For the manufacture of the thermo-inflatable tarpaulin, we use materials of the same quality as those used for our roof and tent covers and which have proven themselves for many years.

* Acoustic insulation and better hold of the fabric (prevents flapping in the wind)
* Thermal insulation of the thermo-inflatable tarpaulin and effectively combats condensation

* Lifespan and resistance to elongation,
* Noise reduction and sound insulation,
*Whiteness transparency and brightness,
* Significantly improved thermal comfort.