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After the event

Tables and chairs should be folded and stacked for retrieval. The dishes must be returned to the bins without food and the glassware in their appropriate compartments. You must ask all this from your caterer. For the floor, we ask you to clean it. We carried out a 4-person test on 375 m2 with a single garden hose and two squeegees. It only took us 25 minutes to clean everything up. We can, of course, get you these raclettes at no additional cost.
You don't need to wash the dishes. You just have to remove the residue and put the dishes back in their respective crates.
Missing, broken or damaged items will be billed to you after your event. You will be billed for the costs of replacing tablecloths with candle wax or cigarette burns, perforated interfacing, and staples and bamboo.

Area calculation

For a sit-down meal with round tables, count 1.2 m2 per person, with a round table, 1 m2 per person, for rectangular tables and around 2 people per m2, for a standing cocktail. Tell us about your project and we will advise you on the most suitable surface.  

Delivery and customs

Everything will depend on your order and its modification date compared to the delivery date.
We deliver between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. For a specific time, a supplement may apply.
Transport costs will apply in relation to the distance and the quantity of equipment rented. You must notify us when the delivery is not on the ground floor for furniture and dishes. For capitals and floors, a marking will be necessary.
Yes, however, you must order by phone to ensure the availability of the equipment and a deposit check will be required. No withdrawal will be possible without the validation of our office.
Yes, the love for our work demands it.
We operate mainly in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, but also throughout France and the neighboring countries. For sales, we operate internationally. For example, we sold Garden tents in Cameroon as well as a storage structure for EDF in Guyana.


Unlike the orangeries, the simple fact of being a professional imposes us the fact of being demanding on our services. No waste is tolerated. Attention, it is imperative to sensitize the various service providers for the recovery of their waste (caterer, DJ, etc.). We are not garbage collectors. We deliver you the most careful equipment and we make you aware of its use. The implementation of an orangery considerably deteriorates your ground due to the weight of this tent, but also to the bad handling of the machines. It does not favor an ecological approach. Many outsource this type of assembly. So the teams are not experienced.
We can offer you double ply flooring. It is a wooden floor with a metal sole, which can be left exposed. It is therefore not necessary to provide a carpet covering. We have raw fir or spruce. The fir is generally accompanied for country or guinguette themes, such as the Nomad or the Bamboo marquee, and the spruce floor for Asia, the reception tent, Crystal Structure, Eurasia ... We also offer seagrass (carpet coco), carpet with different colors, an imitation of grass, cobblestone, wooden floors…
Indeed, there are protective plates for the ground. Please note, these will only prevent the creation of ruts for lifting equipment and vehicles and trucks. It would be better to make an appointment with our technical service. In no case can we guarantee that this will protect your budding soil.
We just have the experience and the habit. We are also installing other tents and structures for fellow fabricators and fabricators. So we have logistics, a technique, an experienced workforce. Then, the assembly of our products was carefully thought out by the engineers of our suppliers.
We have a range of oil fired air heating products that allow us to obtain a comfortable temperature even in winter. Please note, gas is strictly prohibited in tents due to regulations considering it as ERP (establishment open to the public). Therefore, both the service provider and the caterers will have to find a solution not to use gas appliances. If this is not possible, we have solutions. In conclusion, whether you have a Silhouette, “Stretch” tent, an orangery, a bamboo tent, a traditional reception tent, the regulations are the same (same for tipis).
No. It’s just extra comfort for you and your collaborators, your guests or your guests. In case of rain, it will trickle below or you must have straight tables.
Often people compare the price of a marquee to that of a party hall and find it expensive. Do not make a comparison, because the marquee gives you the opportunity to create an event space in your image in your garden or in the premises of your company, this is much more prestigious than forcing your guests to move in an impersonal room. If your event takes place on a Saturday, we intervene the day before and return on Monday. So Sunday rental is free. If you want a place worthy of the biggest receptions, Alliance Chapiteaux directs you to the Château de Néty in Saint-Etienne des Oullières (located 35 minutes from Lyon).

Yes, all of our structures, tents or marquees can be closed. Our blankets are fitted with sliding curtains.

No, you don't need a foundation, like all of our event covers, unlike orangeries. If your purchase is a permanent installation and additional products are added by you, please contact us.
We will have to get started in the “administrative paperwork” by mandating the concessionaires of the underground and aerial networks to know the feasibility of your project. There will always be solutions. And unfortunately, yes, it is a paid service, but most necessary.
It all depends on your order. This will change considerably if you hold back from the floor. Provide access for vehicles of category 3.5 t and with a dimension of 11 m long and 2.55 m wide. But it is quite possible that the access of a heavy vehicle is necessary. Check for the absence of an underground pipeline and an overhead line.
Once the dimension has been defined, an additional space of 2.50 m must be provided around this dimension. For example, for the dimension of the Bamboo marquee in 15 x 20 m, you will need for the straps or ropes a total space of 20 x 25 m. If you don't get these dimensions, don't worry, we have solutions.
It depends on the pullout test performed at the time of installation. In theory, you should provide one to two anchors in the ground per post.
A ballast by post is necessary. For example, for a 3 x 3 m folding tent, the standard in France is 70 kg / pole. For a 10 x 15 m structure with a lateral height of 3 m, an average of 1.129 tonnes per post is required. Please see our table to study your requirements.
Yes, we will replace the anchor in the ground with ballast (concrete block). This applies to all our products, namely the Nomade tent, the Crystal reception tent, the traditional structure, the Bamboo tent…

Lighting and Decoration

White is the basic color of our structures, except our Nomade tents and our Bamboo marquees which have a champagne-colored canvas. It is also possible to equip the marquee with window or completely transparent curtains. But for several years, Alliance has offered you colors. Our Bamboo and Nomade marquees are in "champagne" color.
Yes, you can hang decorations easily. For the bamboo tent and the Nomad, only our technicians can do it.
No, the Bamboo Tent has been specially designed for receptions: the tarpaulin on the roof is translucent, it lets in a soft light during the day. In addition, we offer different lights, such as tinsel garlands, colored LED spotlights with a power dimmer.

Other uses and services

Thanks to our large catalog, we can offer you layouts, such as stretched sails, pergolas, furniture, dance floor lighting, decorations, garlands, seagrass-style floor coverings. We collaborate with colleagues completing our catalog since the creation of our company. We can provide you with the quality of another service through the loyalty and quality of their services.
Yes, if we know it in advance! There are opaque interlinings that allow the marquee to be sufficiently darkened for video projection. An opaque interlining even during the day will have a night effect inside.
Yes, our ballasts are used for public safety during a political event. Since the attacks of July 14, we have equipped a large number of communities and associations to use our concrete ballast as protective bulwarks for ram cars.

Product details

Obviously, they are both beautiful. The strength of our products is their modularity. We can offer you very large dimensions with widths from 8 to 20 m and adjustable in length per span of 5 m. In addition, we have the ability to offer you several colors as well as crystal interlining. These PVC fabrics are reusable for the long term and are 100% recyclable. Finally, our great strength lies in the diversity of our products, from the simple reception tent to Asia, to the Nomad, to the Bamboo tent, to the Eurasia tent ... Finally, a simple 3.5 t can be enough for a dimension not exceeding 10 x 35 m, unlike the orangeries which necessarily require a heavy vehicle and forklifts, which adds a significant cost to your rental. Their heavy weight will necessarily damage your floor, even if they have floor protection plates. On grass, these plates, which allow the lifting equipment to roll, by their heavy weight considerably deteriorate your soil. Finally, we are completely autonomous, in equipment, installation, transport, lifting equipment (no subcontracting).
Obviously, the advantages of this famous “stretch” fabric are its tremendous modularity. You can wish to have curvatures of the roof at will, but its big fault is the fragility of its fabric which is not made to last. The seams tear very quickly. You do not have the possibility of having curtains on the sides, because the tent is never installed in the same way. It meets European and French standards under the sole condition of being installed in a single form defined by the manufacturer.
The only flexible elements of all of our products are designed in a synthetic membrane, that is to say a flame-retardant PVC, with anti-UV and anti-mold treatment. Our linings are made of 100% recycled materials, because we favor an ecological approach. We can also offer you different colors as well as so-called “crystal” roofs.
Only the masts and the poles located on the periphery are made of bamboo. The roof covering is champagne in color, harmonizing with bamboo.
It’s just a fabric. The use of our PVC canvas allows the same rendering. "Stretch" is a stretchy, flexible fabric made from a fabric that has poor spandex hold. When stretching, you can give it pleasant curvatures, but it is not prestressed, so it may tear, unlike PVC canvas, used by many companies (heavyweight tarpaulin, pool pocket, water retention tank, etc.). To date, PVC canvas remains the safest product whose maintenance is easy.


We ask you to contact us for a long term price. Rental fees are billed for time taken out and not for time used.
We accept checks, bank transfers and cash.
Yes. We work with carriers to deliver to you everywhere in France and in neighboring countries. You will need to provide a forklift. If you do not have one, contact our sales department, we will find a solution.

Terrain types

Don’t worry, we’ve got experience with rough terrain. We use the latest rigging techniques with actuator or adjustable foot systems. Of course, we use wooden wedges for heights less than 10 cm. If your land is uneven or inclined, we plan a leveling according to the slope measured during our location visit, that is to say simple wooden blocks until the construction of a platform if the elevation or the nature of the soil requires it.
Our Bamboo marquee, reception tent, Structure, Eurasia and Nomad require a longer assembly time than conventional tents, but these can be erected on the same grounds for an incomparable result.
Yes, we use the latest technology in timing. Be careful, however, if you observe steep slopes. The rental and installation of the floor can greatly exceed that of a traditional structure. But rest assured, we have solutions that have been used for centuries by the greatest architects in the world to alleviate this type of problem, and the best thing is, at no additional cost!
Our Bamboo marquee, our Nomad tents or our structures can follow the slope of the ground, but a location on the site will be mandatory in order to make the assessment.
Yes, the only constraint will be the anchoring to the ground of the marquee. We have to plant stakes ranging from 0.50 m to 1.50 m. Grass, gravel and tar are not a problem for us. In the case of an installation on pavers, for example, or if the ground cannot be drilled because of pipes or other, we will set up a ballast replacing the effort of the anchor spike. Ballasting is a concrete cube.