Rental Sport’s Building


Why rent a Sport’s Building:

Sports halls (tennis, basketball, badminton, squash, mini-football, etc.), gymnasium, bowling pitch, cover for stands, markets, playgrounds, leisure, etc.


The rental of the Sport’s Building includes:

In the Alliance Chapiteaux range, the modular sports building is the ideal solution for your multi-sport projects.

Fully modular and compliant with M.T.S or Snow and Wind NV 65 standards, this permanent sports building offers all the guarantees of comfort and durability over time.

In a covered or closed version, the construction of sports halls will allow all athletes to practice their favorite discipline whatever the weather. We also offer buildings that are made with a roof with double inverted curvature, available with or without lateral overhang, with or without a cap on the gable front.

We offer the rental of a Sport’s Building in Lyon and throughout Rhône-Alpes.

Our products and sports buildings can be complemented by a wide range of accessories and equipment (membrane and sub-membrane covering, thermo-inflatable roof covering, peripheral covering, doors, windows, lighting, heating, etc.).

The products offered by our manufacturers (Franco-German) are Qualibat and Qualisport certified, a guarantee of seriousness and competence.

The attribution frame of reference for this qualification stipulates requirements which must be met by any company with a professional quality approach. These requirements take into account the legal, social aspect of the company, its economic capacities, its capacities to carry out (human resources, training), its insurance provisions covering the liability linked to its activities, its specific technical competence (achievements ).

Our sales team will help you establish your specifications for all your modular buildings and will suggest the building best suited to your project, whether it is an industrial building or a storage building (removable and metal hangars), a sports building. , a tennis court cover, a multi-purpose building or even to build a sports hall.