Rental Asian Tent

Rent from
60 €HT/M²


Why rent an Asian Tent :

  • Excellent quality
  • Elegant and Refined
  • “Cosy” ambiance
  • Comes with 2 awnings
  • Terrace extension with a wooden balustrade and a shade tail
  • Creation of a sub-ceiling aesthetically covering the interior of your home
  • Dressing wood poles from northern pines
  • Possibility of closing the tent: fixed or sliding curtains
  • Diverse choices of colours
  • Can store more than 100 people


The rental of the Asian Tent includes:


Some of our clients wanted a chic and sober structure, so we designed the Asian Tent. This tent stands at the level of products such as the Orangery or the geodesic domes.

Its low slope in the roof, its wood legs and its under-ceiling (wide choice of colors) will bring you conviviality in a refined and comfortable space. A beautifully decorated terrace awning completes this space in a harmonious way.

The essence of elegance

The Asian Tent offers a very refined exterior look with its “cozy” or “chalet” appearance. It’ll successfully welcome your guests for moments of enchantment.

Elegant, refined, spacious and in harmony with all environments, the Asian Tent is a subtle blend of modernity and simplicity.

The roof’s low slope gives the Asian Tent’s structure an airy and harmonious space for any event reception.

Technical information

Wood base
Terrace with balustrade
Scenic lighting
Wooden base
Stretch ceiling
Technical drawings
Technical drawings
Sample plan
Sample plan
Isometric view