Rental Bali Tent

Rent from
990 € HT


Why rent the Bali bamboo tent :

Unique on the European market
Made in France by Alliance Chapiteaux
Prestigious and ecological
Chic & rustic
Sliding curtains
From 20 people
Dimension 5x5m or 25m2
Security register
Complies with French and European regulations
C.T.S and Eurocode classified


Location of the Bali bamboo tent

The third development and design by Alliance Chapiteaux: The Bali Bamboo Tent. In addition to the bamboo marquee and the nomad tent, we are putting on the event market an innovative bamboo arch.

The eco-friendly bamboo tent:

The bamboo tent is manufactured, assembled and created by us in France. We have selected the PVC covering for its durability, its aesthetics, its temperature comfort (anti-heat wave), its acoustics and above all for its 100% recycling.

Anthracite bamboo tent canvas:

After promulgating the design of our tents with canvas champagne color, we decided to move on to more trends like sand and anthracite, as well as canvases micro perforated.

Chic & rustic design tent:

The chic and rustic atmosphere is the trend in events. Our Bali tent is assembled with  stainless steel parts thus adding a prestigious touch at your reception. Perimeter curtains may be present and are sliding.

Technical information

Bamboo diameter
60 to 100 mm
Wind resistance
120 km / h
5 m
25 m2
Side height
2,45 m
Highest point height
3,90 m
Anti-UV, anti-fire, anti-heat wave and waterproof