Rental Flooring

Rent from
7,20 € HT


Why rent Flooring:

Equipped with a superimposed double metal frame
Made with: fir or spruce
Resistance: 500 kg/m²
Adaptable on any type of structure
Adjustable to the elevation of the terrain


The rental of the Flooring includes:

The Flooring is the very foundation of any successful service.

Guaranteeing your comfort and a refined design, Alliance offers two types of wood: raw country-style fir and spruce flooring.

Its frame allows it to adapt to all soils, and we are able to compensate for uneven ground up to more than 1 m in height. Our event floor system with steel base provides unparalleled stability and adapts to each of your events.

This system consists of a zinc-plated steel base (present in two layers), aluminum and steel beams and wooden floorboards.

We have different solutions to camouflage all the setting points on the periphery, with stretched canvas, wood, canisses …

Our self-supporting floor is ideal as a dance floor and adapts to all models of rental tents: reception structures, the Nomad tent and our Bamboo marquee.

We travel to Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône Alpes and throughout France (Provence, Bordeaux, Brittany) as well as in neighboring countries (Italy, Switzerland, etc.)

Alliance is the love of a job well done for your greatest satisfaction.

Technical information

Aluminium section
150 x 72 mm
Galvanised steel
80 x 40 mm
500 kg/m2
module de 3, 4 ou 5 m
module de 3 ou 5 m
Types of flooring
sapin ou épicéa
Fire classification M0 for metal and M4 for wood