Rental Anti-condensation Interlining


Why rent an Anti-condensation Interlining:


Better aesthetic rendering

Reduced condensation for storage

Preserved natural light

Made in France



The rental of the Anti-condensation Interlining includes:

Innovation ATS (Air Tension System)
The ATS is an inflation tension system for covering the tents, usable in a single or double membrane configuration for long-term storage hangar or reception tent installations, which allows:

improve the appearance and performance of metal-textile structures (storage building)
to reduce the infiltration of water,
to reduce condensation and noise related to the breakdown of the fabrics for the comfort of users. ATS thus increases the lifespan of the interlining.

Associated with a double skin member, the system also makes it possible to isolate the structure and effectively combats condensation for storage shelters.

Associated with a single skin membrane, the system ensures better aesthetic rendering, better hold of the fabric of the storage building (prevents flapping in the wind) for improved comfort of use.