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(5 meters x 9 meters - 20 meters x 30 meters)
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Why buy a Reception Tent:

Multiple width (2.00 to 60.00m)
Infinite length per module from 3.00 to 5.00m
Multiple lateral height (2.30 to 4.00m)
Several colors of the canvas
Several options (glass panel, door, floor, terrace,…)
Hexagonal or curved roof
Very weather resistant
Responding to French C.T.S and ERP regulations and Eurocodes


The purchase of the Festive Tents includes:

The art of friendliness and protection. A complete range, up to your expectations, perfectly suited to all rental niches. The event tents will evolve thanks to the hull cladding, sandwiches, glass, doors and with dune and half-octagonal gable roof finishes.

Franco-German manufacturing the products offered come from a business synergy between France and Germany.

The possible dimensions are numerous, from 2m in width up to 60m in width with modules in their length from 3 to 5m. The lateral heights, at the bottom of the slope, are from 2.20m to 5m.

All the interlining is made of perfectly waterproof pvc, fireproof, easy to clean and in a wide choice of colors.

All the aluminum reception tents are partly available in our shop. Do not hesitate to contact us for other dimensions.

Our structures can be accompanied by self-supporting floors, rigid or glazed panels.

The roof may also be in two sections or curved.

All our equipment meets French regulations -CTS, ERP- and European.

Technical information

Square aluminum profile
100 x 65 x 3
to 210 x 110 x 3 mm
Wind resistance
100 km/h
5 to 20 m
45 à 500 m2
Lateral height
2,30 to 3,00 m
Ridge height (high point)
3,36 to 6,48 m
Fire classification M2, watertight, anti-UV

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