Crystal reception tent rental in Villefranche-sur-Saône

Reception tent for wedding and team building to Villefranche-sur-Saône, Bagnols

Crystal Tent

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We rent and install reception tents in Bagnols vers Villefranche-sur-Saône

The Château de Bagnols is located in the Beaujolais vineyard near Villefranche-sur-Saône and the Lyon conurbation. This 13th century fortress is a preserved and wonderfully maintained place.

Why choose our Nomad reception tents?

It is in this castle high above the grounds, that the union of Noura E. & Jo Wilfried T. took place. A secular ceremony in the castle courtyard with the rental of our Nomad tent, equipped with 200 white folding chairs to open this union. With a 200m2 stretched sail, no more than 4.00m high, our bamboo silhouette tent is wonderfully set up in the decor.

Why choose our transparent reception tents?

After the secular ceremony and the reception, the newlyweds and their guests headed towards the magnificent Crystal Tent at the end of the day. Our transparent reception tent, measuring over 400 m2 or 20x20m with a lateral height of 3.00m and 6.48m at the ridge, was completely covered with our transparent interlining. The removable curtains of our crystal tent, thus allowing natural air to enter or protecting from the cold and wind were positioned around the entire periphery of the tent.

The crystal reception tent, thanks to its transparency, adapts perfectly to any decor. At the foot of the Château de Bagnols and surrounded by trees, the crystal tent is a natural setting in the environment. Enjoy the evening atmosphere and the interior light of the crystal reception tent even from the outside.

Rental of wooden chair, table, wooden floor and a unique starry sky

The roof of the transparent tent, dressed in our garlands in the starry sky creates the magical effect. Who has never dreamed of dining under a starry sky! Sheltered by a transparent roof that gives the impression of dining outside, take advantage of the advantages of the crystal tent without the disadvantages of bad weather.

Our 350 Provence wooden chairs (wooden chair with a crossed back and a rattan seat) participated in the natural decoration of the wedding.

The rental of flooring (reception flooring) for the wedding of 400m2 was installed. Our reception floor is made up of a double metal steel frame as well as aluminum cross pieces in which the wooden slats enclose themselves and only allow aluminum to appear. The marriage of our customers is in the theme "industrial wood".

Finally to establish a lighting, we installed our DMX projectors in 18x15w RGWA for column lighting on our 18 posts as well as 10 others positioned to light the roof in indirect lighting. Another great strength of our interlining because it returns the light, creating a soft light.

List of rented event equipment:

  • rental 400 m2 crystal reception tent for 350 people
  • rental self-supporting floor of 400 m2
  • Provence wooden chair rental for 350 guests
  • guinguette garland rental
  • color led projector rental