How to plan your event under a marquee?

How is material recovery carried out?

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When our event is over, what should we plan before the team receives the reception tent?

All the providers of your event must have taken back all their equipment or furniture before the intervention of our teams.

Should we store the interior of the reception tent before the arrival of the various service providers?

Tables and chairs must be folded and stacked by you before recovery. Some of these pieces of furniture are delivered in handling carts.

The dishes must be returned to the storage bins and the glassware to the appropriate crates. It is generally the team of your caterer who is responsible for setting the tables who must be responsible for this operation.

The floor is delivered to you clean and without staples or nails. If it is damaged by one of your service providers, we will be obliged to invoice you for the repair hours.

With regard to cleaning in the event of soiling due to rainy weather and a muddy outdoor floor, we ask you to ensure that you clean it using water and brooms. Please make your various service providers aware of their waste = return home ^^