Nomad tent rental in Chambéry, Savoie

Ecological marquee for a gala reception in Chambéry

Nomad Tent

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We design and install Nomad reception tents in Chambéry, Savoie.

Chambéry, is a French commune located in the department of Savoy next to the Alps, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Our intervention includes the installation of the nomad tent as well as its floor until the final decoration.

Why choose our Nomad tents near Chambéry?

Private events, gala evening, meticulous and demanding services, Alliance Chapiteaux creates your tailor-made project.

Our client: corporate for a private Gala evening in Chambéry chose Alliance Chapiteaux our experience in the event business and especially for our unusual tents (designed by us and patented) but also for our artistic side for decoration.

Set up of the nomad tent to Chambéry

Complicated access to vehicles, compulsory derogation near the town hall, necessary location visit at Alliance Chapiteaux, prevents any uncertainty vis-à-vis our customers and immediately establishes a climate of trust.

The arrival of our “troops”, “ The Men of the Shadow” (technical team that no one sees), with the heavy vehicle equipped with a crane and the assistance vehicle carrying the hand tools, calibrated to 8:00 am at our client's home, distinguishes our logistical organization from local rental companies.

A precision that gives us the satisfaction of our customers with a coffee, much appreciated ^^

The start of the work begins with the installation of the floor using (Pythagoras), then an upgrade of the four cardinal points of the surface of the metallic platform. Then setting points are made every 1,25 m2. At the end we put on the metal support for our wooden slats, interlocking in the aluminum sleepers, making a flat surface and without spaces.

In the second step we fix our anchor spikes twisted into the ground, every 5m around the surface of the tent. The tension angle of the shrouds is at least 1.50 m apart. Then we have all the mature bamboo on the ground, then position the non-stretch pvc interlining, and then erect the masts vertically.

The "Boho-Chic" decoration of the nomad tent towards Chambéry

To best decorate our Berber tent, we use a seagrass floor covering (sisal carpet or coconut carpet) on our floor. The seagrass carpet is a natural fiber, for ecological and lasting comfort. Resistant to wear and stains, it can go in damp rooms.

Floral decoration is always welcome offering an extra touch of elegance and nature. Attached to bamboo canes horizontally and on the roof giving a natural ivy effect. Hanging crystal chandeliers for a prestigious touch.

A periphery of a lacquered guinguette garland, for day and night lighting, with country furniture, thanks to the solid wood tables and the wooden cross-back chairs with rattan seat.

List of event equipment rented in Savoie:

  • 160 m2 nomad reception tent rental
  • wooden chair rental
  • guinguette garland rental
  • color led projector rental
  • rental of natural seagrass rugs (sisal rugs or coconut rugs)
  • solid wood table rental
  • rental floral decoration and decorative crystal chandelier