Our recommendations for organizing a country wedding under a reception tent

The bamboo tent for a country wedding

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Natural decor with the poles of the bamboo reception tent

The rental of the bamboo marquee is a wise choice for the country theme of your wedding. It does not require too rich decoration limiting the impact of your budget.

Country garland decoration under reception tent

The rental of tavern garland from our stock can be embellished with a light floral decoration, such as drooping leaves or ivy. Ivy can be used to reduce the footprint of the shrouds of the bamboo marquee.

Colored lighting under the bamboo tent

We can suggest to you to refine this rural atmosphere the use of our colored led projectors. They allow the variation of the light beam of our colored lights, for a column light on our magnificent bamboos. This upward-facing lighting will illuminate the canvas of the bamboo marquee in a “light well”. This, unlike stretch canvas, will return the light towards the ground by reducing its glare.

The guinguette terrace with the bamboo tent for my wedding

What makes the rental of our nomadic and traditional tents perfect is the positioning of a terrace on one side. We dress them with a bamboo balustrade with 5m sections. A covering of ropes and lanterns add a surplus of rural decor to the wedding.

Rental of country furniture for my wedding

It is preferable for a wedding with meals to provide furniture. Why not opt ​​for our Provence Chairs. Our wooden chairs for hire have a cross back and a very pleasant and comfortable rattan seat. Their sobriety and their manufacturing are ideal for a country setting.

Rental solid wood table, country and design

Enough of having impersonal plastic tables, requiring a tablecloth to cover this industrial product. Alliance Chapiteaux offers solid wood tables refining the decoration of your country wedding. These do not require covering them with fabric. Basically use table runners to dress lightly, staying in the country theme of your wedding.