The Men of the Shadow, marquee mounting to Briançon

Installation of reception marquee

Structure de réception

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Installation of reception tent at Briançon by The Men of the Shadows

Why choose The Men of the Shadows

The Men of the Shadows have installed an event structure of 375m2 with its self-supporting floor.

The elements constituting the floor represent more than 416 articles for a total weight of 7.88 tonnes. Wedging points under the metal support of the floor were positioned every 1.25m2 or 470 times of load.

The Men of the Shadows set up of the reception tent at Croix Rousse Lyon

The use of an industrial type forklift (3t lifting capacity) for moving the frame and floor racks, and also lifting the frame with the crane were used.

As anchoring in the ground is prohibited on the Place de la Croix Rousse for the erection of the reception tent, we used ballast (concrete studs) of 1T5 per pole and approximately 500 kg per gable pole.

For an aluminum reception structure with a dimension of 15x25m or 375m2, 16 poles are present on the periphery of the Christmas tent. 6 posts per long section or 12 posts in total and two gable posts per width or 4 represent a total tonnage in concrete block of 21 tonnes.

Croix Rousse and its marquee for the Christmas market by The Men of the Shadows

The reception tent set up by Les Hommes de l'Ombre was used to house exhibitors at the Croix Rousse Christmas market.

In this way, the inhabitants of the city of Lyon were able to benefit from a warm, magical atmosphere with their families.