What is the price of a rental party tent?

What budget should be set aside for a reception tent?

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What is the cost for renting a party tent?

One of the redundant questions is why a marquee for rental is as expensive as some products for sale on the internet.

The structures offered by Alliance Chapiteaux must comply with French (M.T.S) and European (Eurocode) regulations. The canvas, the frame, the wood, etc. must be classified as fire (M0 to M4).

These architectures must also respond to the simultaneous effect of a wind at 100 km / h and a roof overload of 10 kg / m2.

Suffice to say that to meet these criteria, engineers and architects had to work on these constraints.

On the other hand, a certificate of Bon Montage established by a certified company is compulsory. These are technicians who have been trained and are empowered to control the installation of structures before opening to the public up to 2,500 people. This accreditation is called CTS 52.

For the reception of the public (marriage, convention, fair, exhibition ...), it is mandatory that all of these criteria are met.

Welding factories, locksmiths, robotic devices are necessary to manufacture these aluminum or steel frames. Companies with more than 70 people are needed for manufacturing.

In conclusion, renting a "reception tent » is more expensive than buying certain products encountered on the net, which in no way meet the regulations.

For an installation of 300m2 (approximately 250 people in a sit-down meal configuration), it takes 3 people to prepare the equipment for 2 hours, 5 technicians for 6 hours to assemble, forklifts, a truck, a room, storage equipment, tools…

Our job is assimilated to the carpenter profession.

What does M.T.S mean?

The M.T.S is the acronym of Marquee, Tent and Structure. No other designation is possible.

A marquee is a canvas stretched by shrouds like the circus tent or the "Nomad Tent".

A structure is an aluminum frame on which are hung tarpaulins and hung tarpaulins for peripheral curtains.

These fabrics are in PVC of 620g / m2.