Which are the companies to contact for your wedding?

Reception marquees for weddings and seminars

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The first approach is very simple. 

You have already participated in weddings of friends, or in your family. Ask them how the organization went and how did they do it?

You can contact these same providers, to establish your first budget. 

Then we recommend that you go online because it is the first salesperson for any business. 

The more numerous and precise the photos for the same product, the more the service provider is used to performing his work.

The first step before contacting an event company is to know the following points:

  • Location
  • Date
  • Number of guests
  • Your theme
  • Access to the 3.5t vehicle up to the heavyweight

With these elements, use the search engines to find your provider. 

Be careful, they will use your geolocation and find the providers around you. 

For the marquees, some internet users from Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Brittany, took a long time to find us, because they did not know the name of the product sought such as the Nomad, the Bamboo Marquee, Asia, etc.

Beware of sites specializing in weddings, referencing a large number of event companies (tent hire, lighting designer, hairdresser, etc.). It is a paid service and does not necessarily highlight the best provider…. 

It may even happen that some companies buy a medal distinguishing them from others. Of course, sites specializing in weddings have no knowledge of the profession of installing event equipment ... their vocation is to sell "a showcase" to their customers. 

They generally aren’t present at receptions and therefore cannot enjoy this profession. Researching with them is interesting, however, because it can help you shop around for all of your needs.

You should know that when you go online, your request reaches a large number of companies. For example, if you request a quote in Provence for a Wedding planner, the shipment is addressed to all providers in Provence.

It is much more efficient to have telephone contact. At Alliance, we prioritize  human contact above all. Our website perfectly illustrates our image, but the discussion with one of our employees attests to the seriousness of our company.

Many internet users use Google image.

In making contact, do not hesitate to give as much information as possible, such as the nature of your land, the slope, access, the presence of an equipped and sanitary kitchen …

When you receive three commercial proposals, from the same sector of activity (Nomad tent for example or shade sail), make sure you understand each offer. 

Pay attention to the name of "150 m² tent" because that doesn't mean anything; Namely a tent with intermediate poles or are there several structures reaching 150m²? 

In short, a professional must complete the following fields:  

lateral height and ridge, length, width and   type of interlining. 

For Alliance Chapiteaux 150m² and a structure (because there is no tent of 150m²) with a dimension of 10x15m, lateral height 3m and 4.80m at the ridge with white covering. 

You already have a much better approach to the product. 

The same is true for the floor. A floor is either wooden planks placed on the ground, or, a floor with a metal frame and above all we specify the height of the setting provided beforehand. Why the timing? You should know that there is no strictly flat terrain, 

There is always a slope for the drainage of water. So if you want a flat and level floor, it will take   the slope and it will be more expensive.

We recommend that you contact by phone and be called back, because contact is most important, the pictures on the website are nothing compared to your feelings towards the person. Especially since this professional, will follow you until the end of your marriage. There will be only one desire, to satisfy you. 

Take care when meeting with providers. Do not say to yourself "I have a license with the three detainees". Because everyone will have a different approach, especially at Alliance. Our offers are non-contractual as long as a site visit has not taken place.  And the experience, the diversity of our products both in events and in industry, allowed us to find solutions, on the size, the type of reception cover as well as the location where or what we penetrate.

But it doesn’t matter to all the providers selected. We must not forget that we must plan the reservation quickly.

The more specific a provider, the more it will be sought after. Know that a wedding is a year in advance and above all you are not alone. It's like booking your vacation on the internet or at a travel agency, the more you hesitate and the more other vacationers have taken your place

At Alliance, reservations begin from mid-October for the summer period. Our schedule is complete before the April holidays for all our specific products, namely Asia, the Nomad, Eurasia, the fabulous Bamboo, Crystal Marquee as well as all of our country and design furniture with guinguette lighting …

To sum it up, experience with wisdom sets us apart from many. Some of you are in stress, uncertainty, thousands of questions jostling. Obviously we have to ask them. You will always find at Alliance the answer to your questions and a special ear, because a successful marriage is always a great satisfaction. Especially for our technical staff having a very physical and dangerous job, sometimes with severe weather, heatwaves. Knowing that at the time of disassembly everything went well it is always "fun" for them to hear it.