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Reception tent installation towards Geneva, Switzerland by The Men of the Shadows

Installation in Switzerland of a reception structure (for rent) of 525 m2 with a self-supporting floor (varnish) of 700 m2. The floor setting was 61 cm at the highest point.

Reception tent installation in Geneva, Switzerland by The Men of the Shadows

The Men of the Shadow intervened in Switzerland for the assembly of a reception tent

The Men of the Shadow is above all the marquee, reception tent and aluminum structure assembly team among the most competent in France and Europe.

The experience of the frame is a fundamental asset for the implementation of a metallo-textile structure. TMS (The Men of the Shadow), sets up a reception tent in Switzerland having previously planned a technical location visit with the customers and the organizer (wedding planner). The interest of this crucial meeting for the arrival of the TMS team, is to check any constraints that have not been evaluated and check with the commercial side.

Customer questions for setting up a reception tent in Switzerland

The aim is to avoid additional costs as much as possible. The sales representatives at Alliance Chapiteaux validate specifications with you, the client, and also validate specifications with the people on the ground. When the technical points are not verifiable on the phone, LHO moves to verify the absence of constraint.

Verification of accesses, of the ground for the set up of a reception tent

A “Shadow Man” site manager checks on the ground, access to vehicles such as utility vehicles, forklifts or heavy vehicles, the possibility of driving on the ground (paving stones, grass, gravel) and ensures on-site access with these vehicles.

The site manager of "Men of the Shadow" checks the absence of underground pipes, automatic watering, gas, overhead high-voltage line (risk of electric arc).

For the installation of the floor, he checks the elevation of the ground, with a laser and can thus explain to the organizer the heights of the floor and the time that this installation will represent.

Installation of the self-supporting floor by The Men of the Shadows for a reception tent

The Men of the Shade installed an aluminum structure of 15x35m or 525 m2 (lateral height 3.00m and 5.46m at the ridge), with a self-supporting floor of 700 m2 or 20x35m. The resistance of the self-supporting floor is 500 dan / m2

The height of the finished floor has reached 75cm in height. Load take-backs were installed on the floor every 1.25 m2, i.e. more than 875 setting points. The most meticulous work on a grass field with a rental period of the reception tent of 2 weeks.

Fasteners with twisted anchor pins 2,000 mm by 25 mm in diameter were driven into the ground and connected to the floor to ensure it was properly held.

Installation of the 500 m2 reception tent by The Men of the Shadows

Once the implementation of the double-layer floor was completed, the elements of the structure were transported from the Heavy Truck to the 700 m2 platform. The quantity of elements necessary for the construction of the reception structure (barnum) represents more than 400 articles for a total weight of 7 tonnes.

This structure used for the wedding of "Adèle & Edouard" was assembled on the ground and connected to the floor using bolts and lock nuts which are fixed in the ground by 2.00m deep anchor piles.

These seem like colossal work under the heat wave, but TMS is fully equipped with quality PPE and thus protected from the sun by technical clothing ensuring quality work.

It took 3 days for the complete installation of the structure in the state of the art.