How do you tie the party tent into the ground?

How many fixings do you use to attach the tent or structure?

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Do you plan a lot of "sardines" to fix the tent against the wind?

It depends on the pullout test performed at the time of installation. In practice, we provide one to two anchors per post minimum. Depending on the nature of the terrain, hosting a C.T.S (Marquee, Tent or Structure), our installation teams (Les Hommes de l'Ombre), can increase up to 6 anchor points per pole.

How big are the anchor holes in your marquees?

We use twisted anchor spikes 24mm in diameter with a depth ranging from 500 to 1500mm.

Are your "sardines" causing damage?

If your soil is earthy, the tearing of our bindings will not cause any irreversible damage. Be careful if you have pipes in the ground, water, gas, electricity. This should be reported during the location visit (sometimes we have to initiate a procedure called the DICT). Finally, we use twisted anchor spikes 25mm in diameter to a depth of 500 to 1500mm.

What solution do you provide for holes in the tar?

First, fixing in tar and concrete is possible. This avoids replacing this anchor with concrete blocks requiring one or more additional transport. So we act together in an eco-responsible approach.

To fill the anchor holes linked to the fixing of the reception tent for rental, we use either a resin, tar or mortar.

How much fixing do you use for your nomad tents, shade sails, bamboo marquees for hire?

For a stretched canvas like the shade sail, the nomad and stretch tent as well as the bamboo marquee, one anchor per pole alone is not enough if it is not fixed in the tar.

Depending on the weather (rain, thunderstorm) the soil becomes waterlogged, becomes more flexible and changes the test values ​​at tear out.

For this, our teams have studied these constraints and propose for the fixing of our nomad tents and bamboo marquee for rental, metal plates. These accommodate from 1 to 4 twisted anchor spikes 25mm in diameter with a depth of 500 to 1200mm.

Your safety is important as well as that of our assembly professionals (Les Hommes de l'Ombre).