Should there be heating under a marquee?

Do you need to heat a marquee or a party tent for hire?

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If it's cold, can we have a heater under a rental tent?

We have a range of oil fired air heating products allowing us to obtain a comfortable temperature even in winter.

Our rental heaters are equipped with a 65 to 105 liter tank. For events over several days, we provide an additional tank of 700 L.

Do you charge for all of the fuel provided in the rental of the heater?

The fuel present in the heating is billed only for consumption. If you don’t use the heater, you won’t get fuel billing.

What type of fuel do you use for heating?

For mobile forced air heaters, we use domestic fuel.

Can we use other energy sources to heat the tent for hire?

Auxiliary gas or electric heaters can be offered outside the tent.

Please note, gas is strictly prohibited in tents due to French C.T.S regulations. Only electric heaters are allowed.