What are the differences between a stretch tent and a nomad tent?

What are the differences of a stretch tent and nomad tent Alliance Chapiteaux?

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What are the opinions of "stretch" compared to the rental of a nomad pvc tent?

Stretch is a stretchy, flexible fabric made from a fabric that has low spandex hold. When stretching, you can give it various curvatures, but it is not preloaded in stretching, so it may relax too much and eventually tear.

Repairs are not planned on a stretch canvas, cleaning is very expensive for a fairly poor result.

The PVC canvas, used by many companies in all sectors of activity (heavy goods vehicle tarpaulin, swimming pool porch, water retention tank, textile roofing, swimming pool liner, temporary industrial building, etc.) provides the same aestheticism.

What is the best nomad reception tent for hire?

This is why, to date, PVC canvas remains the safest product with easy maintenance.

The rental of our Nomad tent created in our workshop received the first approval for the BVCTS control office as well as the company Averteck. They congratulated our tailoring work, particularly with regard to wind resistance and public safety.

Our nomad tent is equipped with bamboo poles and not wooden or aluminum poles and our PVC canvas is 100% recyclable.

Our Berber tent for rent in Dijon, Paris, Bordeaux, Saint-Etienne, Genthod (Switzerland) has proven itself and is equipped with peripheral curtains in case of bad weather.